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Summer 2014

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Winter 2013


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Submission Status

We are currently Closed for unsolicited submissions. Our next Open reading period will be for the Winter 2014 Issue, and will run from September 1st through October 31, 2014.

Submission Guidelines

Ontologica aims to present an eclectic mix of prose and art. Ours is a journal of differing perspectives. Readers will be just as likely to encounter the Christian as the Marxist, the relative as the absolute, the liberal as the conservative in the essays we present. We want to offer material that is illuminating, challenging, and, if need be, antagonizing. Above all it must accessible. Accessibility here doesn't just mean a lack of specialized language, but a writing style that invites the reader in. Work with a philosophical slant is preferred, but not required. What is required is contemporary relevance and, more or less, general appeal. (An essay on the difference between Transcendentalist and Romantic poetry, no matter how well written, will most likely not find a home in Ontologica). Unless you lived a sublimely amazing life, no so-called creative non-fiction or memoirs.

We will include a small amount of fiction and visual art in every issue. With fiction, we are interested in going beyond anecdotal stories to instead explore deeper states of the human condition. Stories with experimental form and structure are welcome so long as the experimentation serves the story and not as a device for its own sake. Genre fiction is fine too, so long as it strives to transcend the pitfalls of its genre and treats language with reverence. Above all we are looking for stories with powerful voice, and memorable characters; situations that resonate long after the story has been read.

All this applies equally to visual art submissions. Artwork must have a distinct sense of subject. We request that your art engages our readers--whether through shock, awe, or fostering dialogue. Ontologica wants art that fantastically suggests the possible, dramatically the impossible, or horrifically portrays the actual. Art that takes us out of our everyday mundane comfort zones to invoke or bring to light something primal, and thus bringing to the forefront that this is a product of humanity past, present, or future.

See the Contact Us Page for submission email addresses. At present we accept electronic submissions only. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. We will only review and respond to submissions sent during the open reading periods. Anything outside of our published reading periods will sit in a void until a new period opens. Upon acceptance, Ontologica reserves First North American Rights of the work, and the published work will remain online for as long as Ontologica maintains a web presence. After initial publication, all rights revert to the author. Ontologica does not compensate authors for publication.

Additional Guidelines -- Formatting, etc

Please use the appropriate genre email address found on the Contacts page to send your submissions. All submissions should be attachments using the following rules defined by genre:

  • All submissions
    • Send all submissions as attachments to your email
    • Send a brief bio within the body of your email
    • Only send submissions during published open reading periods. If you submit outside of our reading times, your submission will be ignored until the next reading period.
  • Non-Fiction
    • Use MS Word, Open Document or Text format for your attachments
    • Ensure your name and the title of the work is on the first page of your submission
  • Fiction
    • Use MS Word or Open Document Format for your attachments
    • Ensure your name and the title of work is on the first page of your submission
    • DO NOT send a synopsis of the story in the body of your email
    • Please Adhere to published available page limit (above)
    • Flash fiction is discouraged
  • Art
    • Send No more than five (5) high quality photos of your artwork in JPEG or PNG Format
    • Your bio should describes in some detail the media used in your art and/or your process
    • Include the titles of all submitted works in the body of your email